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Add data collection for traceability to any line without changing your machines. Integrates seamlessly into existing SMEMA and data interfaces. Add data collection to manual workstations without requiring a PC for each worker.

Integrates to your local MES/ERP solution.

• Track Products 

• Track machine performance 

• Enforce process sequences 

• Enforce process step times 

• Enforce operator rights

• Provide work instruction

• Long-term machine data storage via our Archiver product

• iTac Qualified Equipment Partner


Ideal companions for your traceability needs.

  • Advantages for your production process: 
    • Collection of production data 
    • Process control 
    • Process locking 
    • Universally applicable, especially for inline solutions 
    • Paperless, always up-to-date working instructions
  • Easy to add to a pre-existing setup  
  • Integrations with exiting interfaces: 
  • SMEMA 
  • System-specific data interfaces
  • Integrates into your pre-existing MES/ERP world


We are a company with a combined 60 years of experience providing software and hardware solutions for the electronics industry. 

Worldwide customers include:

Continental Automotive Systems
Bosch GmbH
Enics Schweiz AG (Switzerland, China, Estonia)

Exceet Group AG

Festo AG & Co. KG

Hella  KGaA Hueck & Co. (Worldwide)


Lear Corporation

Lenze Automation GmbH

Magna Electronics Europe GmbH & Co.KG

Omron (Europe, USA, Hong Kong, China)

Peiker Acustic GmbH & Co. KG

Seufer GmbH & Co. KG

Siemens AG

Smyczek GmbH

Swissbit GmbH

TRW Automotive Inc.

Visteon Corporation

Valeo GmbH

Waltron GmbH 

ZF (worldwide)

Machine integration

Collect data from a wide range of machines. 

We are experts in extracting data from: 

  • Machine databases
  • Output files
  • I/O signals
  • Exotic serial protocols

Export data to any MES or ERP system or database.

Store locally (also long-term) with our Archiver, make dissection of production data child’s play with our Analyst.


BitTrace14 UG

Immanuel-Kant Str. 59b 

31812 Bad Pyrmont


Tel.: +49 5281 9598479

Fax: +49 3222 3945096